Transforming cell sorting speed

Our microfluidic systems dramatically increase the sorting speed of functional T-cells or NK cells by 300 times compared to manual pipetting. This enhancement in speed facilitates rapid processing which is essential for scaling up cell therapy research application

Maximizing Cell Viablity

Sensific’s gentle yet efficient sorting mechanism preserves cell viability, ensuring a higher yield of live cells ready for therapeutic use. Our technology maintains the optimal conditions necessary to keep cells healthy and functional throughout the sorting process

Upholding cell sterility

In cell therapy, sterility is paramount. Sensific’s enclosed microfluidic channels provide a controlled environment that significantly reduces the risk of contamination, maintaining the sterility of your cell populations.

Quality is at the core of our technlogy

With integrated sensors and checkpoints, our systems provide immediate quality control feedback, ensuring that only the cells meeting the strictest standards progress to the next stage of therapy development.

Sensific offers unparalleled control over your cell therapy experiments. From precise environmental conditions to automated sorting parameters, researchers can adjust and monitor every variable, ensuring that each experiment is reproducible and accurate.

 Our microfluidic technology propels cell therapy forward, providing the speed, viability, sterility, and control necessary to meet the demanding standards of today’s therapeutic innovations.

Transform your approach to cell therapy with Sensific’s advanced microfluidic solutions.