What if you could analyze cells, bacteria and particles? Fully automatically and in real time?

We offer a next-generation machine vision system specifically designed to meet the needs of modern science. It offers state-of-the-art imaging combined with an advanced and easy-to-use analysis and control software. Real-time data processing at up to 10000 frames per second makes controlling and automating experiments as well as equipment with highest temporal resolution and precision totally easy. With our software, you can easily and quickly perform standard analyses such as dead and live cell counting as well as the analysis of unknown samples and configure the control of your experiment based on the analysis results in an instant. Our technology enables various tasks in an experiment, for example, analyze objects that move through the image field or track their position with highest precision.

A few selected application fields are for example:

– Droplet-based Microfluidics 
– Imaging flow cytometry
– Particle and object tracking

Sophisticated Analytical Interface

Our comprehensive analytical platform swiftly interprets complex data, providing in-depth characterization of samples. By evaluating over 30 parameters simultaneously—such as size, velocity, and granularity—our technology affords a nuanced understanding of cellular behaviors and responses, supported by smart, user-oriented algorithmic corrections

Advanced Imaging Interface

Sensific’s ODIN system revolutionizes imaging with its ability to capture up to 10,000 frames per second, integrating high-speed performance with real-time, high-resolution analysis. Equipped with intelligent algorithms, the system excels in a range of observation modes, from bright-field to fluorescence, ensuring precision in every frame captured.

Precise Experimental Control

The ODIN platform offers an intuitive programming interface, enabling researchers to meticulously tailor their experimental parameters. The system’s adjustable trigger outputs and experiment control settings ensure high fidelity in temporal resolution, bringing unparalleled precision to every aspect of the experimental workflow.

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