Product Overview

Zeus is a groundbreaking cell sorting platform designed to redefine the parameters of precision medicine and advanced biological research. Engineered to harness the full potential of assay-driven sorting, Zeus offers a nuanced approach to cell analysis and sorting, setting a new standard in cellular dynamics understanding and therapeutic development. By integrating high-resolution imaging with artificial intelligence, Zeus delivers unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and data quality in cell sorting,


imaging cytometry microscope

Zeus represents a revolutionary leap in cell sorting technology, designed to push the boundaries of personalized medicine and biological research. With its innovative assay-driven sorting, Zeus offers unprecedented precision in identifying and sorting cells based on their individual responses to treatments and specific drug interactions.

This enables highly tailored therapeutic strategies and accelerates drug discovery by providing detailed insights into cellular functions and drug-cell interactions. Zeus integrates cutting-edge automation and detection technologies, including a sCMOS sensor and AI, to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and data quality. Its application spans multiple domains from cell therapy and antibody discovery to single-cell genomics, promising to significantly advance cell line development and microbial studies.

With Zeus, researchers have a powerful tool for unlocking new insights into cellular dynamics and developing targeted therapies.

The Zeus cell sorting system brings to the forefront a suite of advanced specifications designed to meet the intricate needs of modern research and therapeutic applications:


Feature Description
Innovative Assay-Driven Sorting Utilizes assays for high-precision sorting, enabling detailed analysis based on cellular responses to specific treatments and drugs.
State-of-the-Art sCMOS Sensor Offers high yield and near-single photon resolution, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy in cell sorting.
AI Integration Leverages artificial intelligence to boost cell sorting applications, ensuring superior performance.
Droplet Management System Provides a comprehensive solution for droplet creation, quality control, analysis, and sorting.
Enhanced User Experience Features an intuitive graphical interface with diagram marking for streamlined analysis and sorting processes.
High Throughput and Flexibility Designed to accommodate a wide range of sorting parameters, ensuring efficient processing and post-handling flexibility.
Application Versatility Suitable for various applications including cell therapy, antibody discovery, single-cell genomics, and more, offering enhanced cell viability, accuracy, and sorting precision.

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