Imaging flow cytometry


Flow cytometry for daily laboratory tasks

ODIN is a fully automated machine vision system that turns your microscope in a fully featured image-based flow cytometer. Combine the advantages of high-resolution video microscopy with the possibilities of flow cytometry. Measure each cell in real time, saving precious sample volume and time. With high throughput rates of more than 1000 cells per second, even rare cells can be measured.

dead cell counting using trypan blue and ODIN

ODIN can, for example, easily detect living and dead cells. By staining with trypan blue , cells with decreasing membrane integrity appear succesively darker.  In addition to the groups of living and dead cells also apoptotic and altered cells can be identified in the intermediate range.

Easy and fast image capturing

ODIN can easily record thousands of high-quality images of your suspended cells within a few seconds. Since ODIN knows whenever a cell is in the field of view it will only store the images that contains cells. Therefore, the image series capturing feature returns an image stack in which every image contains a different cell. This maximizes the information content of your data and facilitates data interpretation and further processing.

We recorded some Jurkat cells with ODIN in bright-field and phase contrast. The images were recorded using a framerate of 2800 frames per second and a shutter time of only 5 µs. Thus capturing thousands of high-quality images of cells is done within seconds.

ODIN can also perform complex tasks

erythrocytes and thrombocytes imaged in bright-field contrast by ODIN

Identification of components of blood is easy with ODIN. For instance, erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets can be easily distinguished by their size and contrast.

Furthermore, additional information can be obtained by combining the brightfield measurement with fluorescence – individually adjustable to your specific problem.

Also challenging tasks, such as the time-resolved measurement of the relaxation of cells under stress and thus their viscoelastic properties is possible.

ODIN works with any contrast

bead in droplet in bright-field contrast
bead in droplet in phase-contrast
fluorescent bead in non-fluorescent droplet

ODIN analyzes everything that is visible, for example in brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. Furthermore, it can combine different contrast types in a single measurement step. This provides information about features that are visible in phase contrast and fluorescence, for example. This allows you to determine, for instance, the ratio of nucleus to cell size or the presence of specific proteins or drugs.

ODIN offers a complete analysis interface, which enables you to easily characterize completely unknown samples in seconds. For instance to find relevant parameters for sorting.

ODIN easily controls a sorting device

ODIN provides the analysis results in a clear and familiar form as diagrams.  To control your experiment you can simply mark areas in the diagrams, which are then automatically used as sorting criteria. Based on this ODIN programs itself and henceforth triggers a signal if an object fullfills the selected properties. The length and duration of the trigger signal can be freely configured which makes ODIN compatible to most sorting systems and flow rates.

ODIN is tailor-made for science

ODIN is equipped with a powerful software for analysis and control. In addition, its graphical user interface is designed to be so user-friendly that you can master complicated analysis and control tasks with its fully graphical interface in no time at all.

Of course, ODIN takes care of the entire image data analysis and documentation of the measurement results for you – fully automatically. It can also display the results directly graphically, so that you can immediately evaluate the results of your experiment. Additionally, ODIN saves all determinable measurement parameters, independent of the current selection, thus providing you with all options for further analysis at a later time.

ODIN can easily upgrade an existing microscope to an analysis and control unit. Of course, we also provide you with a system solution on request, allowing you to focus on your research. In this case we will provide a ready-to-use measuring and sorting system for you.

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