Droplet-based microfluidics

Discover completely new possibilites for your experiments in the field of droplet-based-microfluidics by ODIN’s superior analysis and control features. Measure every droplet at rates of several thousand per second and sort them according to your criteria. 


High-speed analysis of droplet-based microfluidics

ODIN is a user-friendly machine vision system for science that provides unique optical analysis and control capabilities for your experiment, especially for droplet-based microfluidics. It analyses image data fully automatically in real time at frame rates of up to 10000 frames per second. The measurement result is ready within less than 0.2 milliseconds after image capture. This opens up completely new application possibilities that cannot be realized with classic high-speed cameras.

ODIN can easily monitor the droplet production. Control the size, spacing and production rate of each droplet at a throughput rate of several thousands per second in real time and without any time constraints as is the case with conventional high-speed cameras. Leave the age of sampling behind and simply measure all droplets, even if you need millions of them and get the results directly in real-time. Discover the new possibilities in the field of droplet-based microfluidics given by ODIN‘s superior analysis and control technology.

In this sample experiment, we produced droplets in a flow-focusing microfluidic device with different production rates, sizes and spacings and monitored them with ODIN. The comparison with classical manually evaluated samples shows excellent agreement – with the advantage that ODIN gives you the measurement parameters directly, continuously and without delay and effort.

A closer look at the development over time of the highest production rate of 1750 Hz from above shows fluctuations in different frequency ranges. This discovery would not have been possible without ODIN. By adding a feedback loop between ODIN and your pumping system, you can minimize such fluctuations in production parameters.

droplet analysis power spectral density


ODIN can analyse much more
and complex properties in droplet-based microfluidics

The population of droplets with different objects can be determined without biochemical markers. Not only can it be detected whether particles are encapsulated, but also how many and of which type. 

ODIN works with any contrast

bead in droplet in bright-field contrast
bead in droplet in phase-contrast
fluorescent bead in non-fluorescent droplet

ODIN analyzes everything that is visible, for example in brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. Furthermore, it can combine different contrast types in a single measurement step. This provides information about features that are visible in phase contrast and fluorescence, for example. This allows you to determine, for instance, whether encapsulated objects have reacted with each other or with a substance.

ODIN offers a complete analysis interface, which enables you to easily characterize completely unknown samples in seconds. For instance to find relevant parameters for sorting.

ODIN easily controls a droplet-based microfluidic sorting device

ODIN provides the analysis results in a clear and familiar form as diagrams.  To control your experiment you can simply mark areas in the diagrams, which are then automatically used as sorting criteria. Based on this, ODIN programs itself and henceforth triggers a signal if an object fullfills the selected properties. The length and duration of the trigger signal can be freely configured which makes ODIN compatible to most sorting systems and flow rates.

ODIN is tailor-made for science

ODIN is equipped with a powerful software for analysis and control. In addition, its graphical user interface is designed to be so user-friendly that you can master complicated analysis and control tasks with its fully graphical interface in no time at all.

Of course, ODIN takes care of the entire image data analysis and documentation of the measurement results for you – fully automatically. It can also display the results directly graphically, so that you can immediately evaluate the results of your experiment. Additionally, ODIN saves all determinable measurement parameters, independent of the current selection, thus providing you with all options for further analysis at a later time.

ODIN can easily upgrade an existing microscope to an analysis and control unit. Of course, we also provide you with a system solution on request, allowing you to focus on your research. In this case we will provide a ready-to-use measuring and sorting system for you.

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