Particle and object tracking


A new era for Microrheology

The new particle tracking module for our machine vision system ODIN enables ultra-high-precision tracking of up to 8 particles simultaneously at a rate of up to 10000 frames per second. The analysis of the position and other parameters such as the aspect ratio, rotation and brightness of the particle are calculated, provided and documented in real time. In contrast to conventional high-speed cameras ODIN does not need buffering and thus measures continuously and indefinitely. Hence, the age of sampling is over. By function fitting and special algorithms, the position is determined with a precision of up to 0.01 pixel, so that even the smallest movements are detected. This and the continuous measurement capability open up completely new application possibilities in science, for example in the field of microrheology.

ODIN‘s particle and object tracking module is, for instance, a viable tool in the field of mechanobiology. It can be used to observe the effect of active ingredients on the mechanical properties of individual cells, for example. By continuously measuring the movement of incorporated particles, cell mechanics and the influenc of drug addition can be recorded directly and with the highest temporal resolution. In a measurement over 60 minutes, we tracked the movement of such marker particles incorporated by a cell. Immediately after the addition of blebbistatin a decrease in the motion behavior is visible. Particularly at lower frequencies, the motion of the particles decreases, suggesting the inhibition of active processes in the cell. This is supported by statistical tests. Since we have a closed measurement system, biological variation between cells and of different regions within the cell are not present. Therefore, we measure with certainty the influence of the drug on a single cell.

effect of blebbistatin on fibroblast cytoskeleton as function of time and frequency
effect of blebbistatin on mouse fibroblast

ODIN also tracks macroscopic objects

By using a camera objective instead of a microscope, ODIN is of course able to track macroscopic objects. You can track a large variety of different objects in your lab. With the help of the easy-to-use graphical user interface you can start tracking objects in a matter of seconds. And all of this with a time resolution of up to  0.0001 seconds. Our highly sophisticated algorithms are extremely robust, so you can reliably track the objects.

We tracked the trajectory of a little toy drone with ODIN. Therefore, we used the position light as the tracking target. Its apparent size varies in relation to the distance of the focal plane of the camera lens by a small fraction of a pixel. This is captured so precisely by our algorithms that we can reconstruct the 3D trajectory even without a stereoscopic setup.

ODIN has complex software but is easy to use

ODIN features complex algorithms for robust and precise particle tracking. In contrast, operation is as simple as it gets. Due to the high degree of automation, all settings are made in seconds and you can simply select the particles to be tracked in the live image with a mouse click.

Of course ODIN does the entire documentation of the measurement for you fully automatically. Since the results are available in real time, you can evaluate your experiment while conducting it.

ODIN easily upgrades an already available microscope to an analysis and control system and is compatible to common c-mount camera objectives. Of course, on request we also provide you with a system solution so that you can focus on your research and you receive a ready-to-use measurement system for your needs from us.

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